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TOP 10 SUBZERO ARMIES (13/09/20-19/09/20)!

MAGIC, SubZero Army League Headquarters – The latest top ten listings sees the gap between first and second close, and some reshuffling among the competitors. So here we have all the armies who have worked their way into the top ten list & their rankings for this week. —————————————-TOP 10 ARMIES:1. Silver Empire [29.90]2. Fighter Pilots [29.71]3. Templars [28.20]4. Red Ravagers [23.75]5. Golden Troops [15.16]6. Elite … Continue reading TOP 10 SUBZERO ARMIES (13/09/20-19/09/20)!

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It is with regret that I announce that I will be stepping down from my position as Chief Executive Officer & all other staff roles of SubZero Army League to Advisor and SubZero Representative. I did not want to step down so soon but unfortunately, it’s something that I am left with no choice but … Continue reading Thank you.