Month in review – July 2020

It’s been about a month since Kyle, myself and BuddyCrafted had started the Flippr Army League, and already we’ve seen changes that we didn’t think would happen for a long while.

Janitors in action on Flippr

If you didn’t know, FAL was created with the original purpose of being an alternative to DM & In Game recruiting. Since then, the server had been reformed immensely, allowing it to be transformed into what it is today thanks to the work of Kyle.

Today, let’s reflect on how the league has performed over the past month, including: how our armies performed, what our leaders think about the league and – we’ll be picking FAL’s army of the month.


Sixteen events have taken place over the past month and unfortunately a small fraction of them did not go according to plan – however as expected at the start of anything new, there will be some hiccups of some sort. Thankfully this didn’t prevent our armies from participating in events, with our server map becoming more colourful as the weeks go by.

As far as stats are concerned – as of July 29th the Fighter Pilots are asserting dominance with four pieces of land under their belt – however Golden Troops may be catching up soon, having claimed Lucky & waiting to invade Walrus Land & Clawback. Meanwhile, Silver Empire, Os Mascarados, Janitors and Sorcerers all have two pieces of land each, with the Elite Forces residing in Frostan alone.

By August 14th, 2020 – when the map resets – whichever army holds the most land will be allowed to retain their capital from the start as we introduce a brand new map, with an additional 20 or so new territories to be claimed. So get fighting troops and make sure you win your capital back!


Of course, considering majority of us hadn’t had experience running an army league before – this was all new to us.

To know how we can improve better for the future, we’ve interviewed some of our army leaders to hear their thoughts about both Flippr Army League & Flippr itself.

“I think army league is great! After any of our invasions/events the people of FAL always give us good advice on what we can improve on and always wishes us good luck.”

– lewis7366 – Sorcerers Leader

“What do you think of the Flippr Army League?”

“I do enjoy the army league, and I really like the server map, gives cpal vibes, but the server and league is a bit too inactive”

– TheMightyA – Golden Troops Leader

“I think it is okay. It isn’t very organized and people forget about accepting battles to judge more than they should. I think there should be more territories to claim and enough for every army in the league to have a capital.”

– electrumm – Silver Empire Leader

“What do you think about Flippr?”

“Flippr is one of my top CPPS!”

– lewis7366

“I like the style of it, it looks way more different than usual CPPS’s”

– TheMightyA

“I like how you can change your species and i like its uniqueness, but I wouldn’t really use it as a main CPPS though.”

– electrumm

How do you think FAL can improve?”

“I think FAL is just fine as it is! The people there are nice and Dman is the best.”

– lewis7366

“Maybe try and bring in more major armies, so the server is more active.”

– TheMightyA

“Basically by what I stated above, but maybe adding more staff to help you and Kyle run the league itself, or just having them be more involved”

– electrumm

Some constructive criticism given by our army leaders. We will make any necessary changes in due course to improve the army league for the better.

Top Army for July 2020

Now for the moment you all have been waiting for.

Both of the Chief Executive Officers as well as the Producers have taken into account all of the work that each army has put in over the past month. However, out of the seven armies that did take part the decision has been quite tough.

But we have come to a decision. I’m pleased to announce that the army which has proved themselves to have performed excellent regarding tactics, formations, speed & general kindness, is…….

The Fighter Pilots of CP!

This means that the Fighter Pilots will be keeping Polar North as their capital for the next version of the server map. Should they maintain their status as the most dominant army with the most land, they will also be able to keep one additional land when the map resets. Well done to you!

What do you think about the Fighter Pilots? Do they deserve to be our first army of the month? Do you agree with the leaders about their thoughts regarding how FAL is operated? Let us know!

Dman64w (Chief Executive Officer)

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