Statement regarding false allegations towards Fighter Pilots.

Good Afternoon/Evening.

Yesterday morning I woke up to an announcement regarding our original article about how the Fighter Pilots had supposedly multi-logged during their invasion of Arctic. Unfortunately I was unable to investigate yesterday having been busy with Flippr, a Roblox group that I recently returned to as well as my own personal life.

Today I took some time to look into this whole situation, especially having become aware of a report made by CP Army Hub, our partners and advisors. After failing to find suitable evidence via the event pictures reported both to myself via DMs, in the league and on the Fighter Pilot’s own server – I had come to the conclusion that Semi had not been multi-logging.

Unfortunately I came to this conclusion after the Elite Forces had invaded the land for themselves. Speaking as a Director of them – this was not initially planned as I had planned to hold a normal practice session for when we begin to fight for out land. Unbeknown to me, another director – not responsible for League management – had decided to change my schedule.

As a result of all of this, I had taken the decision to transfer the land back to the Fighter Pilots. They now currently tie with Golden Troops – with 5 pieces of land each.

I’d like to formally apologise to our friends at the Fighter Pilots for the inconvenience caused as a result of this fiasco. The original post about the allegations has now been withdrawn.

On another note – to any armies who do like to multi-log, please see this as an example of what we can and will do if we catch you in the act. Multi-logging is prohibited in our invasions and any army caught doing so will be disqualified.

We hope that another event such as this does not occur again – and that Flippr AL investigates these claims fully before releasing an official verdict.


Chief Executive Officer

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