MAGIC, Flippr Army League Headquarters – Flippr AL accuses Fighter Pilots of multilogging & invalidates their invasion in haste but the accusation was proved wrong & FAL was forced to apologize. What led to these events & why did it happen?

On August 3rd, Fighter Pilots successfully invaded OMA’s territory Arctic with ease due to a no show from Os Mascarados.

But within just hours after the invasion, Fighter Pilots was accused of multilogging through a blog post & the invasion was deemed invalid. The Fighter Pilots’ side of the story was ignored & they were not given a chance to prove themselves.

The blog post did not have any solid evidence to prove the allegations against the Fighter Pilots but further investigation did not happen until Club Penguin Army Hub took upon the investigation themselves & made a blog post regarding the matter.

Semi, the leader of FP, who was accused of multilogging had claimed that his alt account was present at the invasion room only because his game had crashed & the account was frozen. Though it was regarded as something nearly impossible in FAL’s post, it was clearly evident that many people have had similar experiences in CPAH’s post.


People was convinced that Fighter Pilots did not multilog & showed their support for Semi by changing their nicknames to ‘#JusticeForSemi’ or something similar in the CPAH server.

The FAL post accusing FP of multilogging was considered as a blog post expressing personal thoughts & further investigation showed that Fighter Pilots’ claims against the allegations had the upper hand over the matter.

Therefore it was concluded that the allegations against Fighter Pilots were false & Flippr Army League Leader & CEO Dman64w publicly apologized to FP for the shortcomings of FAL Administration to handle the situation properly.


This was indeed an embarrassment from FAL’s side but everyone makes mistakes. As a newly made Army League, mistakes are bound to happen at the beginning. So lets hope FAL will learn from this & work their way towards greater heights and perfecting themselves.

Will this affect the relation between Fighter Pilots & Flippr Army League? What do YOU think about this matter? Let us know in the comments section below!

– TD999
(Executive Producer)


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