Land names – Results

Magic, Flippr Army League Headquarters | Flippr AL launched with 16 territories up for grabs, however after numerous complaints from various army leaders – this is due to change. After a recent competition in which army leaders & members submitted various land names, which army wins the 3 lands promised?

Flippr Army League Territory Map | 02/08/20

On July 24th, I had sent a message announcing the increased territory map, and how we needed everyone’s help to name the various pieces of land that is to come.

Following this announcement we’ve received 220 submissons, which was narrowed down to 50 after removing all of the Club Penguin server names, names that don’t link to the arctic theme, names that don’t make sense etcetera.

To ensure that there was no bias, we had used Wheel Decide to select 16 server names out of the 50 up for selection. After these were selected, alongside some re-spins to ensure that both CEOs were happy with the name choices – the proposers had their army backgrounds checked, so that a winner could be decided.

I can reveal to you, that there are two winners – for which the 3 lands that have been promised will be split between.

These winners are: The Fighter Pilots & The Elite Forces – with 7 submissions from both armies being implemented into the map. Fighter Pilots will be awarded 2 pieces of land, and Elite Forces will be given 1 alongside the compensation as a result of recent events.

However, another piece of land will be given to the army who had submitted the best name on the list. This will go to the Silver Empire.

Congratulations to all of the armies that have been listed above. The Server map resets on August 11th, with the most land tied between the Fighter Pilots & the Golden Troops. One will need to rise to claim their sixth land in order to avoid a tie-breaker battle.

What do you think of the whole land naming competition? Do you think that this was a fair way of selecting all of the names for the new territories? Let us know in the comments section below, as well as in discord!


Chief Executive Officer

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