Hold Bugs take off for the last time as they merge into Elite Forces

Magic – Flippr AL Headquarters | Flippr Army League is a fresh organisation with approximately eighteen armies registered under our name; however some of these armies are soon to close their own doors as they suddenly decide to merge into others.

At some point earlier on in the month, FAL had received word that the Sun Troops had been defaced, ultimately leading to their sudden withdrawal from the community for now.

Following that, yesterday at precisely 20:09 BST, CPAH published an article regarding the Marines merging into the Water Vikings that can be read here, but they are not the only army closing their doors this week.

The Hold Bugs army is a fairly small sized army operating since June 29th, 2020 after a joke circled around the community. The joke was started nearing the 23rd of June when Sarahah was expressing how upset she felt towards bugs when a member of the community told her to ‘Hold Bugs’. Since then the army has maintained a placement on both FAL & CPAH Top Ten lists averaging a max of 15+

Today, HBA Leader Sarahah had made the unfortunate decision to close down the army.

Following this shocking announcement, one of their allies – the Elite Forces – reached out to offer a chance for them to merge; allowing the hold bugs community to stay together and participate in army events. Half an hour after the original announcement was published, it was clear that this deal had been sealed.

We are not even two weeks into the month of August however many events relating to armies are taking place that are deemed shocking and questionable.

How do you feel about the Hold Bugs army suddenly merging? Could there be a reason behind all of these armies merging/closing? Let us know in the comments as well as in Discord!


Chief Executive Officer

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