[BREAKING] Flippr Rebrands to SubZero!

MAGIC, SubZero Army League Headquarters – after a rebranding from our partnered server, Flippr, to SubZero – the Army League has also rebranded from Flippr Army League to SubZero Army League. Continue reading to find out what this means for our community, as well as the broader SubZero community!

On August 14th, at exactly 12:30 in the morning British Summer Time, the Flippr team made an announcement on the Flippr Discord server about a rebrand to “SubZero” which included many changes such as a HTML5 version of the game, a new management team and new custom features for the up and coming Club Penguin Private Server too!

Below is the announcement as it was written on the Discord server:

Dear Community,

After much consideration, the Flippr team has decided to rebrand to SubZero. In addition to the rebranding, SubZero will be under new management. Our new admins are CheeseyPies (head of design), Sylchie (head of moderation), and Rye Bread (head of writing). All three admins will be active in managing the community, so feel free to reach out to any admin if you experience any grievances. We will also be releasing as an HTML5 game and have exclusive custom features. We hope that you join us on our journey.

As we can see, the announcement involved everything said above – and even named the new administrators and their area of expertise for the upcoming SubZero CPPS – such as CheeseyPies being the Head of Design, Sylchie being the Head of Moderation and Rye Bread becoming the Head of Writing. The announcement also linked a short YouTube video about the rebranding which you can view by clicking here.

Since the announcement,  we have received an influx of questions regarding the difference between SubZero & Flippr. These include:

Will all the assets be used? – Yes

Why the name change? – We dropped the Flippr name because it ties to the legacy that Sandor had left behind. We wanted that to stay as it is and instead create our own legacy.

Following the rebranding, the Flippr Army League also had a name change to the SubZero Army League – with the main administration being unaffected. The team did, however, recently bring on new Discord moderators and editors.

Hopefully, with the new SubZero administration and the new upcoming features, we should be all set to steam roll into the future and grow our community to higher sizes, and possibly see some new armies becoming registered within the league, – as well as the news portion of the league becoming more and more filled with the new editors and reporters.

However, this begs the question:

What do YOU think about the rebranding? Do YOU think the new areas look promising? Do YOU think the community will continue to grow? Let us know what YOU think and leave YOUR opinions in the comments below!


SubZero Army League Editor


Chief Executive Officer

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