SubZero Weekly

SubZero Headquarters – In our weekly updates, we bring you the freshest SubZero news the CPPS community has ever seen. Fresher than our daily baked bread. So take a seat, get a cup of coffee, and lets get right into the news.

Last week, Flippr re-branded to SubZero. In addition to this re-branding, prominent staff members were promoted to administrator. These staff members include Sylchie, CheeseyPies, and Rye Bread. In addition to this, SubZero promises to put the community first and included links to their Wiki, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

SubZero Direct?
Nintendo called. They wanted to know who was running these awesome directs! SubZero Direct is another way the community is brought closer into the game. These Directs hold valuable game information, secrets, and updates to let the community know exactly where the game is in development. Feel free to watch the first Direct here to find out what was released this week!

That’s it for this weeks edition of SubZero Weekly. How do you feel about this news? What are your thoughts? Any theories? Feel free to drop them in the comments below! We hope you enjoyed and you’ll come back next week for another update!

Rye Bread

SubZero Administrator

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