SubZero Showdown: Meet the Judges

The first round of the SubZero Showdown is almost upon us. I thought it would be a great time to get you familiar with our judges for the tournament. Our judges work hard every single day making tough, unbiased decisions everyday. Our judges will look at sizes, formations, tactics, consistency among other important factors. For you to trust our judges, you should learn more about them and learn about who they are. And with that, here are our judges!

Davubavu {Elite forces of cp}

I joined armies about 5 months ago, and was extremely active in Golds Empire and Pirates. I quickly got the hang of how armies operated, and attended every event I could. While I never got the judge role in CPOAL, I had a few mentors who taught me the ropes, and encouraged me to apply for it. I was one of the first people to apply for judge in the now SZAL and quickly proved my worth. With over a hundred events experienced as a spectator, participant and judge, I’m excited to get to judge in the upcoming showdown.

Caramel {Dark Warriors}

Hii I’m Caramel from the Dark Warriors. I was a judge in CPAL for a short time, and then became a judge in CPAH after. I’ve judged a few battles here and there, so I was interested in becoming a judge in SubZero as well! I hope I’ll be able to judge many battles here, and I will make sure to remain fair and unbiased in everything I do :SonicThumbsUp: 😀


Oooh omg yea ofc! i’m kris, and i’m in the dark warriors, i joined in april and i’m currently second in command. dark warriors is the only army i’ve been in! im a relatively new judge, and sub zero is the only league i judge in. i live in england, and i have a really sweet cat called rose! some things i like to do are skating swimming and singing, and i’m so excited for the subzero showdown! i can tell it’s going to be rly awesome 🙂

Semi {Fighter Pilots}

Hey, I’m Semi, and I’m glad to be judging the SubZero Showdown. I’ve been in the CPA community for only a few months, but have been in multiple armies including leading FP, one of the armies participating. I’ve been a judge for a couple of weeks now, but have already judged many battles and will put out a fair ruling for the armies that I judge. I look forward to seeing the exciting battles in this Showdown!

Belpix {Dark Warriors}

Hey there! I’m Belpix, but you can call me Bel. I’d be lying if I said Club Penguin Armies hasn’t shaped a part of my life. I joined the community in around late November in Pirates, but I was never too active in their gen chat- just came to events then dipped. I saw a new channel called “allies” and a link to the Dark Warriors server, so I joined. I’m not exactly sure what happened in between then but now I’m a 3ic in DW LMAO. I mean, this wouldn’t be an article about our judges if I didn’t talk about… well, judging LMAO. Originally, I was a CPAH judge. The same day I got accepted (22 hours after to be exact), they reset all the judge roles as there were many inactive ones. I applied a few times after that, but it didn’t get accepted. I then saw that there were openings to be a judge in SZAL so I went and applied and got accepted… guess that makes history!

DragonMyth {Raiders}

Hey folks, I’m Myth, current Raiders leader, and ACP troop. I’ve judged many battles in the past few months, whether it be judging solo or on a team. I am an unbiased judge, and hold no bias for any army. I’m very excited to see who comes out victorious in the first ever tournament, but we’ll have to see. Good luck to everyone, and have a good one!

Austin {Elites}

Hello! My name is AustinFraud, one of the main leaders of the Elites army. I was a judge in the CP Army League before the reset. I have judged many major and s/m army battles. It will be my pleasure to judge the SubZero Showdown Tournament! I am very thrilled to see what all armies bring on the battle during the battles. Good luck to all the armies!

Daniel20448 {Army Of Club Penguin}

Hey there! My name is Daniel and I’ve been judging for the Flip- Subzero Army League for quite some time now! I joined the army community back in March, and I’m currently in the Army of Club Penguin! I’m very excited to judge these battles, and even if I don’t have as much experience, I will do my best to judge in a fairly manner and in the best way I can! Good luck to everyone taking part in the tourney and may the best army win! 🙂

Frostty {Fighter Pilots}

hello my name is Frostty. Am I am one of the judges judging the SubZero Showdown and I’m pretty excited. I began judging about a month ago over at CPAH and now I am also judging here. I am currently in Fighter Pilots as 4IC but that’s one army I will not be judging. I am very excited to see the tactics and the sizes these armies achieve. Best of luck to all armies participating.

Sophie {Elites}

Hi everyone! My name is Sophie and I have the honor of being one of your judges for the SubZero Showdown. I’ve been in armies for a full year now, not including my little break in between, and I’m currently a second-in-command in the Elites. I’ve also been judging at CPAH for almost 2 months and I’m very excited to judge for SZAL too. Looking forward to seeing each army’s superb performances! Good luck to all.

Amber {silver empire}

Hi there, my name is Amber! I am one of the leaders of Silver Empire. I was a judge-in-training until just recently. I’m super excited to judge this tournament. Good luck to you all, go kick some butt!

Beany {Doritos of CP}

hi!! i’m beany, i’m a leader in training at the doritos, and i have been in dcp for a bit over half a year now! i serve as a judge in szal, and i also am a judge in cpah. my interests are volleyball, public speaking, and getting to know new people! i look forward to judging this showdown and having a great time![7:23 PM]

Kyle {Dark Warriors}

Hi! I’m Kyle, Chief Executive Officer of the SubZero Army League! I’m a Judge here in the league and will be one of the judges for the Subzero Showdown tournament we are hosting! I’m currently a 2ic in Dark Warriors and advisor in some armies! I’m really excited to see how the armies perform and wish them all the best of luck!

Dman64w {Elite Forces of CP}

My name is Dman64w and I’m a face that most of you haven’t seen around the community before. I don’t have much of a history with armies – I was a member of the Pirates for about a week and then I was appointed by BuddyCrafted to lead the army league. Nevertheless people all over the community have been helping me become familiar with the community, by teaching me how to battle, how to lead and best of all, how to judge. I view judging as though it was a simple assessment – and I’ve had plenty of experience assessing people in various sectors in previous communities. Because of my lack of army experience, it allows me to have no bias – therefore I am honoured to be a judge for the very first SubZero Showdown. Good luck to all of our armies competing.

44Griffman {Dark Warriors}

Hello all! I’m 44Griffman also know as Griff, and I’m a Second in Command in Dark Warriors. I joined armies in April 2019 with Pirates and I went to other armies before settling down in Dark Warriors. I’ve been a Judge since March-April 2020. I am a judge for CPAH and a head judge here at SZAL! I Judged the Legends Cup X and I’m ready for the challenge that awaits for the showdown. Good luck to all of the armies participating!

Sarahah {Army of club penguin}

Hello everyone! I am Sarahah, SZAL’s Executive Producer and Head Judge! I’ve judged many battles and invasions within SZAL and CPAH and I was also a judge at CPAH’s recent tournament. In the past I’ve been a part of a few major armies such as IW and ACP, and not too long ago I led my own S/M sized army. But currently I am holding a staff rank in ACP. Overall, I’m excited to be a part of the judging and administration team for SZSD! Good luck to everyone! 😉

TD999 {Elite Forces of CP/Tamales of Cp}

Hello! I’m TD999/Thedoctor999, you can me doc. I have been in most of the major armies but I wasn’t involved much until I joined CPO armies in 2018. I joined Redemption Force first, then joined DCP & climbed upto the moderator ranks. Then I joined DW & climbed to hcom ranks & left discord for a bit. I returned in July & created the Elite Forces of CP army. Presently I lead Elite Forces, Water Troops & work in TML. I have experience as CPOAL & FAL/SZAL judge. I’m not a judge anymore but I will be judging the SZAL tourney! I am excited to see what will happen & good luck to all the armies participating in the tournament!


Now knowing more about our judges you can trust them to make the right decisions. With the tournament approaching quickly, our judges can’t wait to see what these armies can do!


SubZero Army League Editor

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