SubZero Showdown Round 1 Predictions

With Round 1 of SubZero Army League’s tournament, SubZero Showdown, approaching. We asked the administration to give their predictions on who they think will win the battles!

[Penguin Army Force vs Sorcerers of CP]

Dman64wPenguin Army Force

TD999Penguin Army Force

SarahahPenguin Army Force

KylePenguin Army Force


[Nova Roman Empire vs Legoman Army]

Dman64wLegoman Army

TD999Nova Roman Empire

SarahahNova Roman Empire

KyleLegoman Army


[Golden Troops vs SWAT]



Sarahah SWAT



[Bees vs Raiders of CP]

Dman64w Bees

TD999Raiders of CP




[One Direction Army vs Fighter Pilots]

Dman64wOne Direction Army

TD999Fighter Pilots

SarahahFighter Pilots

KyleOne Direction Army


[Elites vs Recon Federation of CP]

Dman64wRecon Federation of CP

TD999Recon Federation of CP

Sarahah Recon Federation of CP



[Lime Green Army vs Red Ravagers]

Dman64wRed Ravagers

TD999Lime Green Army

SarahahRed Ravagers

KyleLime Green Army


[Silver Empire vs Tamales of CP]

Dman64wSilver Empire

TD999Silver Empire

SarahahSilver Empire



With the Admins haven given their predictions on who they think will be victorious, let us know who you think will win each battle! Comment your predictions below!


Sub Zero Army League Chief Executive Officer

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