SubZero Showdown: Round 1 results

Magic, SubZero Army League Headquarters – As we approach the second round of SubZero Showdown, let’s have a lookback as to how our armies performed last week.

Golden Troops vs Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT)

Saturday, August 22nd at 7pm BST – the tournament officially began with a battle that took place between SWAT (max 15) and the Golden Troops (max 0). However due to GT failing to show up, SWAT was declared the victor of the first battle..

Winner: SWAT

Sorcerers vs Penguin Army Force

In this battle the Sorcerers would have gone head to head against the PAF in the second battle of the tournament, however due to the Sorcerers withdrawing from the tournament at the last minute, PAF were automatically declared the winners and moved on to round 2.

Winner: PAF

Fighter Pilots vs One Direction Army

This battle saw one of SZAL’s oldest armies compete against a new one, however due to a size advantage, faster tactics and cleaner formations; the Fighter Pilots (max 13) secured a win of 3-0 against ODA (max 6), and move on to the second round.

Winner: Fighter Pilots

Raiders vs Bees

Saturday’s final battle took place between two small armies. Unfortunately as the Raiders were only able to secure a max of 1 – with that one member leaving mid-way – the Bees (max 3) won the battle with a score of 1-0.

Winner: Bees of CP

Silver Empire vs Tamales

Both the Silver Empire (max 11) and the Tamales (max 8) had fought strongly, however due to the Silver Empire securing 2 out of the 3 rooms, they were able to advance to round 2 of the tournament.

Winner: Silver Empire

Recon Federation vs The Elites

The battle between RFCP (max 41) and the Elites (max 30) was a battle that the judges will be remembering for quite a while. As the size difference was small, the judges looked past it, ultimately allowing them to deem the Elites as the winner.

Winner: The Elites

Legoman Army vs Nova Roman Empire

This battle was intially rescheduled to Thursday, August 27th after certain issues had arose delaying the start of the battle on Sunday. When the battle took place, due to The Romans (max 10) achieving many cleaner formations and faster tactics compared to the Legomen (max 10) – they secured their position in Round 2 of the tournament.

Winner: Nova Roman Empire

Lime Green Army vs Red Ravagers

It was a coincidence that these armies were paired with each other once again, providing the Red Ravagers (max 13) with a chance to obtain revenge after their defeat in CPAH’s Beach Brawl tournament against LGA (max 11). Luckily for them, they were able to do so after securing a 3-0 win against the Limes, allowing them to proceed to Round 2 of SubZero Showdown.

Winner: Red Ravagers

So with Round 1 over, we’re down to just 8 armies competing for the SZSD trophy. Round 2 starts this weekend, with battles taking place at 7pm & 8pm BST (2 & 3 pm EST) on both Saturday and Sunday – if you want to stay updated with the battles then make sure to join our discord server!

Who do you think will be moving on to the Semi-Finals of SubZero Showdown? Who will be the winner? Let us know what you think in the comments & in discord!


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