SubZero Showdown: Round Two Predictions

MAGIC, SubZero Army League Headquarters- As we move into the second round of the SubZero Showdown, who do the Administration team predict will make it to the semi-finals?

With eight armies advancing through the next round of the SubZero Showdown, the community is bound to witness some nail-biting battles. Who will emerge victoriously? Who is the Administration placing bets on?

Special Weapons And Tactics vs. Penguin Army Force


Dman64, Chief Executive OfficerSpecial Weapons And Tactics

Kyle, Chief Executive Officer- Special Weapons And Tactics

Sarahah, Executive Producer- Special Weapons And Tactics

TD999, Executive Producer- Special Weapons And Tactics


Fighter Pilots vs. Bees of Club Penguin


Dman64, Chief Executive OfficerFighter Pilots

Kyle, Chief Executive Officer- Fighter Pilots

Sarahah, Executive Producer- Fighter Pilots

TD999, Executive Producer- Fighter Pilots


Silver Empire vs. Elites


Dman64, Chief Executive OfficerElites

Kyle, Chief Executive Officer- Elites

Sarahah, Executive Producer- Elites

TD999, Executive Producer- Elites


Red Ravagers vs. Romans


Dman64, Chief Executive OfficerRed Ravagers

Kyle, Chief Executive Officer- Red Ravagers

Sarahah, Executive Producer- Red Ravagers

TD999, Executive Producer- Red Ravagers

With the round two battles taking place soon, there is no doubt that the armies will be giving it their all to advance through the semi-finals. Which army are you placing bets on?

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR predictions in the comment section below!


SubZero Army League Associate Producer

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