Administration Announcement

Please read this entire post as it has very important information regarding the league, judges, Red Ravagers, Romans, and SWAT.

To start off, we just wanted to state that this is a new army league, and we have been under operation for only 2 months. Since then, we have gained armies, community members, staff members, etc. In addition to this we have had to recently adapt changes as the CPPS we operate under, Sub Zero, is currently under maintenance. The effect of that being that we have had to use a proxy, that being With a new league comes new responsibilities. Projects that must be done every week. It is truly a difficult process. All of the league’s administration is still learning, and will always be learning as new situations are always to come.

An army league will never be perfect, as there will be mistakes made, and disagreements arisen. Not everyone will be happy with our decision and not everyone will trust and respect us throughout the process. We do ask for all army members and army leaders to have patience and understanding with us, as there will and have been mistakes made.


SubZero Army League Official Announcement on the Nova Romans vs. Red Ravagers Tournament Battle for Round 2.

Upon the conclusion of the NRE vs. RR battle, the Romans’ leaders had approached an administrator asking to view the Discord group-chat that was used by the judges for discussing the battle. After reviewing the battle notes, the Romans decided to make an appeal with 2 main points:

  1. Bias allied-affiliated judges
  2. Poor room choices.

For this particular battle, the judges and judge-in training were as followed: (JIT) Jimmy11 (Silver Empire Leader), (JIT) Paddy (Rebel Penguin Federation Member), electrumm (Silver Empire Leader), and Frostty (Fighter Pilots Staff). Both Fighter Pilots and Silver Empire are allies with the Red Ravagers, which is ally-affiliated judging almost all across the board in favor of the Ravagers. The SubZero Army League does has a judging guide in place that makes note of refraining from judging allied battles:

All of the judges for these tournaments were chosen by the administration by random, based on reactions given on an announcement in the league’s staff server. While, yes, the administration should have recognized that all 3 judges were ally-affiliated, we missed it. All that is our bad, and we therefore apologize for that.

Although, upon reading through the group-chat, one judge in particular stood out to us. Throughout the battle, a judge in training, Jimmy11, made constant notes, highly affectioning the Ravagers. In addition to this, he made multiple statements wanting a poor room choice for the battle:

Jimmy11’s messages from judging group-chat.
Jimmy11’s messages from judging group-chat.

Furthermore, because of this incident and the comments that were made, we will leaving Jimmy11 as judge-in-training for a longer duration. As for the rest of the judges, they did not show as much bias towards one army and made comments on both armies throughout the battle. Therefore, they will remain at their current judging position.

Alongside the Romans’ reason for appeal, the Ravagers also made numerous other points in favor for them winning the battle.

  1. 54x dual enlisting with Romans and DCP.
  2. Legoman dual enlisting with IW, LMA, and Romans.
  3. “if Elites vs RFCP didnt get a rematch for theirs. we shouldnt have a rematch for our[s]” -Honda, Ravagers’ Leader

A rule, which was unclear during the first round which did allow dual enlisters for round 1, but was clarified for the second round. From round 2 until the end of the tournament, dual enlisters are allowed only if they’re attending their main army:

Clarification for Round 2 and beyond.

One of the concerns was 54x being dually enlisted with the Doritos and the Romans. While looking into the claim, we found that 54x is not enlisted in the Doritos, as he only holds an advising position. Therefore, 54x’s enlistment and participation in the Romans is allowed.

54x’s roles in DCP.
54x’s roles in the Romans.

For a few moments into the second room, Legoman was logged on under the Romans and in formation. Jimmy11 brought this up with the group, and was quickly bombarded with ‘no’, in response to Jimmy11’s question. Furthermore, Jimmy11 updated the group with the status of Legoman. To find out more the SubZero Army League approached Legoman to ask why he logged on for the Romans today, in which he responded with:


Therefore, the timestamp of the messages confirmed that Legoman was only there for a few seconds and Legoman’s response indicated that he was not aware that it was a tournament battle. Due to these reasons, we will dismiss this as it seems to be an honest mistake and the user being logged on for 30 seconds did not make a huge impact for the Romans.

Judging group-chat discussing Legoman’s status in-game.

The Ravagers’ last concern was in regards to the Elites and Recon Federation not receiving a rematch even though there were concerns raised. The Elites and RFCP battle was recorded in whole, which allowed the administration to re-watch the battle, and allowed us to bring in outside sources to re-watch the battle as well. The Ravagers and Romans’ battle was not recorded, therefore there is no simple way to review the footage to re-evaluate the verdict. Along with this, and the points made by the Romans, we are going to move forward with the re-match. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to both parties.

In addition to this, there was an individual in the administration which made comments which implied that this re-match was not discussed. Though, this is false as the re-match was discussed and agreed upon between Kyle, Dman, and our advisor from CP Army Hub, Zamb. Since Sarahah has an affiliation with both the Romans and the Ravagers, she did not actively engage in this conversation regarding the re-match.


SubZero Army League Official Announcement on SWAT’s disqualification from the SZSD Tournament.

After SWAT completed their second round, it was brought to our attention that there was a rule broken. One of our very clear rules in the Tournament Guidelines which is posted in the server, as well as on the site under the information post for the tournament: Any and all advisors will not be able to participate.

Rules from SZAL Discord Server in #tournament-guidelines.

Multiple community members brought the fact that a SWAT advisor, Firestar, attended both Round 1 and Round 2. Upon a full investigation done by the administration and advising team, we determined that indeed Firestar is an active advisor. In addition to this, another SWAT Advisor was found at the second round of the tournament.

The day of Round 2, an announcement was made in the Legoman Army’s Discord server, where Legoman clearly states that he is now a SWAT Advisor:

Legoman announcing him joining SWAT as advisor.
Firestar at Round 1.
Firestar and Legoman at Round 2.

To look into the SWAT First Responder and SWAT Advisor role, we looked at commands to see the role info for both. After using the command, we noticed that mention ID is the same:

Role Info on SWAT First Responder.
Role info on SWAT Advisor.

We also had the audit logs of the SWAT’s Discord server sent to us showing a change made by Ganger90. This confirms that the day before the first round in the tournament, the name of the SWAT Advisor was changed to SWAT First Responder:

Audit logs from SWAT.

Furthermore, Firestar implied that he was indeed an advisor after making a comment that ‘advisors are restricted’ within the tournament rules. Following this, Ganger90 made a statement asking what was an advisor, although he made a change to the advisor role the same day:

Firestar in SWAT day of Round 1.
xfastx, current SWAT advisor, questioning his roles.

In addition to this, an anonymous source approached us, which confirmed that in fact, the first responder role is the same as the advisor role:

Source’s DMs

To add on, SWAT leader, Aubz, claimed that Firestar is not an advisor, as their site does not include him, implying that the site is most up to date. Although this is contradicted as their site has 4 advisors listed, while she stated that SWAT has ‘one advisor’.

Aubz claiming Firestar is not an advisor.

Upon further investigation, we noticed that after SWAT’s second tournament battle, that both Badboy and Teaska did not have an advisor role, as they only have a SWAT First Responder role. This was later changed and both members were given the advisor role.

SWAT’s Rank page showing 4 advisors.
Badboy’s roles in SWAT server after Round 2 battle.
Teaska’s roles in SWAT server after Round 2 battle.

Since the evidence at hand is sufficient enough to prove that SWAT did break the tournament rules, they will remain disqualified. The administration does apologize if we were not clear enough with SWAT’s disqualification and we will keep this situation in mind when addressing similar issues moving forward.


Overall, the administration does sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused any armies in question. We are going to actively work towards making several changes to the league to ensure some of these situations do not arise again. Furthermore, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let an administrator know and we will be happy to help you!


SubZero Army League Executive Producer


SubZero Army League Executive Producer


SubZero Army League Chief Executive Officer


SubZero Army League Chief Executive Officer

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