Month in review – August 2020

Magic, SubZero Army League Headquaters | SubZero Army League has been formed about two months ago now under Flippr Army League – and my, those two months really showed a lot of change not just within the league but within the community as well.

Hold Bugs Army in action prior to their closure

Thanks to the work of Kyle and myself, SubZero Army League is more than a community; it is family to all of us.

Today, let’s recap on all of the changes that took place throughout the month of August, including our top events, the performance shown by our armies and of course, the army of the month.

Top Events

August 2020 is a month that shall not be forgotten, as it was when SubZero Army League began it’s very first tournament!

SubZero Showdown began on Saturday August 22nd with a battle that would’ve taken place between the Special Weapons And Tactics and the Golden Troops, with SWAT emerging as the winner for the very first battle of the tournament. Many more battles followed – each with suitable victors emerging from the chaos of the battlefield.

This article is published after the final battle of the second round, with 4 armies on their way to the Semi-Finals. Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments!


The new server map has been up for about two weeks now, and in that time period all of the land pieces have been claimed.

As far as stats are concerned, Fighter Pilots currently lead with 17 pieces of land under their belt, followed by Silver Empire with 4 and Elite Forces on 3.

A surprising turn of events led to some of our armies transferring all of their land to the Fighter Pilots, allowing them to attain this record.

With another month to go of the map, maybe we’ll be seeing some changes. Who knows? Maybe Fighter Pilots could be overtaken by another army, or even tie with them. We’ll find out more at the end of September.

Army of the Month

Throughout August we have seen a surge in the number of armies who had registered with us, spanning from being as old as the Ice Warriors to as new as the Legoman Army. However, this time we’re taking into account all of our armies who had contributed to the event results that allowed them to be placed on our Top Ten ranking system, as well as their performance in our ongoing tournament – SubZero Showdown – if applicable.

It took some time for the administration team to come up with a final decision. However, a decision has been made. We’re pleased to announce that the army which has proved themselves to have performed excellent in they eyes of the administration team is…..

The Templars of CP!

Congratulations to the Templars of CP on being SubZero Army League’s army of month! Be sure to praise your leaders for leading you well!

What do you think of the Templars? Should they be our army of the month for August? How could SubZero Army League improve for September? Let us know in the comments below!


Chief Executive Officer

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