SubZero Showdown: Round 2 Results

As we approach the semi-finals of SubZero Showdown, let’s take a moment to reflect on how our armies performed last week.

Special weapons and tactics vs penguin army force

At 7pm BST on Saturday, August 29th, round 2 officially began with a battle that would’ve taken place between SWAT (max 23) and PAF, after their round 1 opponents failed to show up to each of their battles. However this lack of attendance was brought over to round 2, as Penguin Army Force had failed to show up, declaring SWAT as the automatic victor.

Unfortunately, due to SWAT circumventing a rule that was explicitly stated prior to the start of Round 1 of SubZero Showdown, the army was disqualified. As a result of this, and PAF failing to show up, the Golden Troops have been granted with another chance to participate, and win the SubZero Showdown trophy.

Winner: Golden Troops

Fighter Pilots vs Bees of CP

Unfortunately for this battle, the Fighter Pilots (max 9) were unable to get this battle off the ground due to the bees failing to show up, allowing them to secure their position in the Semi-Finals of SubZero Showdown.

Winner: Fighter Pilots

Silver Empire vs Elites

Sunday’s first battle took place between the Elites (max 18) and the Silver Empire (max 9)*, who unfortunately lost due to the noticeable size advantage that the Elites had; who moved on to the next round of the tournament.

* may not be accurate
Winner: Elites

Red Ravagers vs Nova Roman Empire

This was a very interesting battle, as it’s one that took place twice after concerns had arisen regarding the judging. Nevertheless, after winning both of the matches, the Red Ravagers (max 9) moved on to the Semi-Finals as opposed to the Romans (max 10), bringing them one step closer to the SZSD Trophy.

Winner: Red Ravagers

Now we are left with 4 armies fighting for the SZSD trophy; but only one of them can win. Want to keep updated on the tournament? Be sure to join our discord server!

Who do you think will move on to the finals of SubZero Showdown? Who will be the winner? Let us know in the comments below.


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