The Shutdown of Subzero Army League

MAGIC, Subzero Army League HQ – It is with great regret that I announce the permanent shutdown of Subzero Army League and merging into Club Penguin Army Hub, the main army league and our partner.

Subzero Army League was first created back in June 2020 as Flippr Armies as a place to dm recruit and to let armies recruit from the Flippr game, now called Subzero. One day I had stumbled upon the server we now call Subzero Army League and I wanted to transform it into an army league to keep me occupied during the whole COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. I had never intended to keep this going throughout the whole summer and even host a successful tournament.

The idea of merging into Club Penguin Army Hub has been on my mind for awhile now since school started and along with that, focusing on working up to leader in Dark Warriors. Throughout the time span of the army league, we saw multiple retirements and promotions which saw Chief Executive Officer Dman64w and Executive Producer Sarahah retire, TD999 getting promoted to Chief Executive Officer to work alongside me and AustinFraud getting Executive Producer. When you look at Subzero Army League, you see it’s been quite inactive and that most people have been quite busy and army leaders rather focus on the main league, Club Penguin Army Hub. Along with this, Subzero Army League is meant for our main CPPS Subzero but unfortunately we could not use it for long as it went back into development for the foreseeable future so that it could become a modern HTML5 CPPS.

Running this league has been an amazing experience. We’ve had so many fun times including the one and only, Subzero Showdown. When a friend of mine. Sarahah wanted to apply in szal along with Austin, I never expected her to be so enthusiastic and so helpful. Regardless of controversy entailed in some posts, she was an amazing Associate Producer. So when the monthly promotions came along, myself and Dman64w decided to promote her to Executive Producer. As soon as she became EP, she gave us the idea of hosting a tournament and creating our staff server which we still have today. When we decided to host a tournament, we decided to call it Subzero Showdown. We invited many armies and finally got 16 armies to participate in the tournament. Throughout the tournament, there was much controversy regarding armies breaking rules and the seeding of the armies in the tournament but aside from that, we were able to host a successful 4-round tournament in which the Elites were crowned victorious at the end.

With that being said, I would like to give out a special thanks to some people who helped with the league since it was created…

Buddycrafted: Thank you Man for trusting me and allowing me to create this league, I owe it all to you for allowing this to happen

Dman64w: My right hand man throughout this whole journey, you were an amazing help throughout it all. Organising the server map, doing some graphics and more for the server.

TD999: I know you didn’t get much to do as CEO but as an Executive Producer you did great! The top ten’s would not have started without you. Thanks a bunch!

Sarahah: I know you left recently and that you retired awhile back but I know without your help, the tournament wouldn’t have went as well as it did. You were an amazing help, thank you so so much.

Subzero Admins: Hi Guys! Thanks for allowing us all to continue this even throughout the drama and controversy surrounding the league.

My AP’s Kris and Griff: Hi Guys! So even though you didn’t get to do much you guys were a great help. You guys did really well in that position and I’m really happy I was able to work with you guys.

Some more special mentions go to Pookie437, LuciferStar, Zamb, Maxine, SZAL Judges, JIT’s, Reporters, Editors, Army Leaders and their armies and many more.

With that now finished, I announce the shutdown of Subzero Army League and merge into CPAH (you can join their server here All Judges, JIT’s and Reporters will get their ranks transferred over to CPAH. Myself and Kris will be taking on the role of reporter, Griff the role of Associate Producer and TD999 a discord moderator. Thanks for all the memories we made here!

*NOTE* SZAL will not be revived unless given permission by myself, dman64w or buddycrafted! Any attempt to do so will be regarded as illegitimate!


Chief Executive Officer

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