SubZero Showdown: Information, Times, and More!

The SubZero Army League Administration team are proud to present the first tournament throughout the league's history! This tournament features many of the S/M armies who are registered with the league, along with some special guests invited from the CP Army Hub! All of these armies have been specifically invited in order to participate in … Continue reading SubZero Showdown: Information, Times, and More!

[BREAKING] Flippr Rebrands to SubZero!

MAGIC, SubZero Army League Headquarters - after a rebranding from our partnered server, Flippr, to SubZero - the Army League has also rebranded from Flippr Army League to SubZero Army League. Continue reading to find out what this means for our community, as well as the broader SubZero community! On August 14th, at exactly 12:30 … Continue reading [BREAKING] Flippr Rebrands to SubZero!

[BREAKING NEWS] Questionable activity identified from Flippr Administrator

Magic – Flippr AL Headquarters | Here at Flippr Army League we promise to bring you the latest news coming from the Flippr game itself. Well, at exactly midnight BST, Admin rye bread aka Mother Rye had published an announcement that sparked lots of concerns within the community. Having decoded the binary to "Part Zero Begins … Continue reading [BREAKING NEWS] Questionable activity identified from Flippr Administrator

#flipprsomedays – 26/07/20

#flipprsomedays, also known as #FrequentFlippr & formerly #FlipprFriday, is an opportunity for staff to share sneak peeks of what's to come in Flippr over the coming weeks. The last time we did one of these was exactly a month ago. Since then, the game has gone into maintenance and the staff team have left you … Continue reading #flipprsomedays – 26/07/20